Rules of the House, additional game information, magic items, tables, etc… all in one difficult to sort place. These are house rules currently in use for the Waterdeep Campaign.

Helping Others

When you use the Help action to aid another character in a task, you must have proficiency in that Skill.

Inspiration Points

Inspiration Points are earned by individual players, but they can be shared among the whole party at their discression. Each player can conly ‘store’ one point each.

The party may spend an Inspiration Point anytime to:

  • increase one player’s Initiative by +10 for one combat
  • regain one use for an ability that recovers with short rest
  • remove one failed Death Save or Injury Token
  • have the DM roll twice when rolling on a random effect table and the party chooses one of the possible results
  • change the next Attack or Skill check by a player, if successful, to a critical success. If the roll is a failure, the Inspiration Point is wasted
  • gain advantage on any one d20 roll

Downtime Action: ‘Gonzo Journalism’

Resources: Engaging in this activity requires one. workweek of effort from a character. The character must have a topic of mass interest to write about, as well.

Resolution: The character must make a series of checks, with a DC determined at random based on the quality of the broadsheet that character sells his story to. A big part of the nature of journalism is that you never quite know what the masses want.

The character makes three checks: Intelligence (Investigation), Wisdom (Perception), and Performance (Charisma). The DC for each of the checks is 5 + 2d10; generate a separate DC for each one. Consult the table to see how the character did.



0 successes

Your story’s a flop, earning nothing

1 successes

Your story is buried in a sidebar. Earn 25gp.

2 successes

Your story is moderately successful. Earn 50gp

3 successes

Your story is a hit! Earn 100gp

Complications. A good Journalist makes enemies., the people who the stories offend, the people who the stories are about, and the people who are effected by the fallout of solid Jornalism. Every workweek spent in this activity brings a 10 percent chance of a complication, examples of which are on the table below.




Takedown! The target of a story swears revenge.


Corruption! A wealthy/powerful individual approaches and offers to pay to you publish false information about them/their rivals.


Unpopular opinion. You’ve smeared a local favorite, and drawn the ire of certain factions in the city.


Slander! You’re accused of lying in print. Whether the allegation is true or not, your reputation is tarnished.


Ruin! Your expose has unintended consequences, and an innocent party is swept up and damaged in the story’s wake.


Plagiarism! A dif?cult broadsheet somehow published nearly identical materials, reducing the wages you earn by one category.

Of course, that’s for writing/publishing your own. I’d say for the story that you’re going to write and sell… make a performance check, and we’ll use the old table:

Perform Result



Quick write-up. Trying to earn money with this drivel is essentially begging. You earn 1d10 cp


Enjoyable puff piece. You earn 1d10 sp


Great article. In a prosperous city, you earn 3d10 sp. In time, you may develop a small reputation.


Memorable story. In a prosperous city, you earn 1d6 gp. In time, you may come to the attention of a noble patron and develop a citywide reputation.


Headline news. In a prosperous city, you can earn 3d6 gp. In time, you may draw attention from distant potential patrons.


Adventurers can end up owning business’s that have nothing to do with delving into dungeons or saving the world, however the business may have an affect on the world and its events. The party currently owns Trollskull Manor, and running the business is a chief concern. Determining the businesses profit/loss is as follows.

Regular Expenses:

  • 50 gp per tenday for maintenance and wages of hirelings
  • 10 gp per tenday for all other guild expenses


At the end of every tenday, roll a d100+10 and consult the ‘Running a Business’ table (below) to determine whether the tavern lost money or earned profit.

  • If the characters spent coin on promoting their business during that tenday, add 1 to the roll for each 1 gp they spent.
  • If the characters spent an entire day ‘working’ the tavern, then add +1 for each character for each day worked.
  • The tavern needs 4-5 employees. 1 skilled Hireling, and 3-4 untrained hirelings. If the tavern is fully staffed, then add 10 to the roll.
  • If the characters have unpaid expenses, subtract 1 from the roll for each 1 gp they owe.
  • If the characters are living at the property, and it is fully maintained (considered Moderate), then add an additional +10 to the roll.
Running a Business
Business Roll Revenue for the week
01-20 They must pay twice the maintenance cost for the week.
21-30 They must pay the full maintenance cost.
31-40 They must pay half the maintenance cost for the week. Profits cover the other half
41-60 The business covers it’s own maintenance cost, and breaks even.
61-80 The business covers it’s own maintenance cost, and earns a profit of 1d6 x 5gp
81-91 The business covers it’s own maintenance cost, and earns a profit of 2d8 x 5gp
90+ The business covers it’s own maintenance cost, and earns a profit of 3d10 x 5gp