So, yeah, d20Modern. Haven’t played it in years, and with the hiatus from Shadowrun on the table, we decided to give it a shot. The only goal with the campaign, in my mind, was to have some way for the characters to throw grenades at a beholder. A Sliders campaign was my first go-to choice.

Gate Hoppers Campaign, 2014:



Dimension List

List of discovered dimensions for the 'Gate Hoppers' campaign
Gate TypeDimension NumberNickname
Notable EventsPL
P1The FacilityHigh tech orbital facility where the party was first introduced.1x1Campaign start.7
P521West-WorldStandard Prime, but the world stagnated during US expansion to the west, resulting a a 'wild west' world.1x24
P64280's EarthPrime much like home, but where technology slowed down once the 80s hit. Big cel phones, no flatscreens, etc.1x1First alternate Prime5
A278Jurassic ParkAlternate prime. Dinosaurs and humans live together with a huge disparity in culture and tech.1x30
P522English EmpireStandard prime, but England is aware of the portal to A-278, and have used the dinosaurs to expand their empire.1x44
P100Summer of LoveStandard prime, but the world reflects the mid-60s.1x55
T666Tartarus Earth1x5??
T354Dark Fantasy EarthPrime with physical laws, denizens, and technology similar to a fantasy novel1x5First tertiary prime2
A694Clash of the Titans EarthPrime with physical laws, denizens, and technology similar to Greek Mythology1x83
T102The God WarsHigh-tech tangent, called 'Heaven' by locals. In constant battle with 'Demons' from other tangents.1x88
P134The one with the good pizzaStandard Prime, similar to the characters origin point.2x2Crashed into central park in a spaceship5
A752Pax RomanusUnknown...??
T794Wade's PrimePocket Dimension, or Outcrop. Strange physical laws and magic exists2x22
T952Middle Earth'Literary Duplicate' Prime. Exactly like LOTR2x33
P797Weird Honest AsiaPrime similar to a slightly fantastic Eastern Asia2x33
P???Singularity PrimePrime with physical laws, denizens, and technology far in the future.2x69



A Note on Progress Levels:

We’ll be using the Progress Level rules to notate some of the worlds that you land on. They’re discussed in d20 Future, on page 5. For reference:

  • PL 0: Stone Age
  • PL 1: Bronze/Iron Age
  • PL 2: Middle Ages
  • PL 3: Age of Reason
  • PL 4: Industrial Age
  • PL 5: Information Age
  • PL 6: Fusion Age
  • PL 7: Gravity Age
  • PL 8: Energy Age
  • PL 9+: The Far Future