2022 – SpellJammer:

The campaign starts (somewhere), and is set in the stars… there’s no edge to this map!

Battle Unit: A worn construct, freshly freed from a life of arena combat.

Ch’k Tikka Tikka: Thri-Kreen Warrior and devotee of the Kweenskey.

4rtu15: An auto-gnome utility bot, constructed by the Nerridian Alliance.

Jeremy: A character

Prince Rauthe: An aasimar born to Princess Marlena of House Dukay of the Celestial Imperium.

Alfred: A curious plasmoid, with a peculiar way of seeing the world.


2019 – Waterdeep:

The campaign starts in, and is set in, the city of Waterdeep.

Mantis Django Heraclitus Evereska: Local scribe with a taste for adventure

Shazuu: A Teifling, and Righteous Paladin of Hoar

Shining Brow: A Tabaxi noble from a far off land

Vandar Ashenblade: A dour man on a mission

Tang Kamma Wu: Secluded Monk, out in the world to seek his fortune 


2018 – Cozinar Islands:

The players start on the Sword coast, and eventually make their way to the Cozinar islands, an archepelago far out in the Trackless Sea.

Fraeiyn – Moon elf Artificer from the Sword Coast. His brother, Trevor, is also an engineer, and worked closely with Havilat until his demise on the Isle of Black Powder.

Booth – Half-Elf swordsman and con man, hails from the Sword Coast

Mardock Beestringer – Gnome Diviner, and scholar.

Qui Feng – Warrior and Sorcerer, hails from far off Kara-Tur.

Harold – Halfling cleric of Lathander. Sees visions of the future, and was brought to the party on the Isle of Black powder after a powerful vision. Long story short, he’s on a mission from god.

The Lizardman – The unnamed Lizardman joined the group on the Isle of Black Powder. He’s an accomplished ranger and a barbaric fighter. Carries a greatsword named ‘Thing-breaker’

Lord Tamikos (Deceased) – Paladin of Lathander. Killed on the Isle of Black Powder.

Robin Brightwave (Deceased) – Sailor and scald. Killed on the Isle of Black Powder.