From late 2011 through 2012, I played with Vic Lazar again, in his Vox Humana project. The project was Vic, me, PJ Hagerty (From Day Month Year and Distraction Machine) and Paul Morin (who played with Vic in L’dorado). Vic wanted to take his solo and acoustic songs and ‘pump them up a bit’. Never made it into the studio as a full band, but we did manage to get some live recordings done, and I played some bass tracks on Vic’s solo record (released after he moved to Cali).

Studio Recordings (2012)

Vic moved out to Cali in October of 2012. Before he left, we did some studio tunes with Derek at BFT.

Raw Potential

Final Show

Live at Mohawk Place (Oct 2012):

It Takes Two
Mind’s Eye
Happiness is a Temporary Dream
Loco Loco Loco
Wait Up For Me