As a reward for rescuing Floon, Volo gives adventurers the deed to a building in the North Ward that looks out onto a wide cul-de-sac hemmed in by old residences and shops. The property used to be a tavern with a residence on the upper Doors. The tavern has been closed for years, and the residence is rumored to be haunted.

T1. Trollskull Manor Four stories tall and boasting balconies, a turret, and five chimneys, the abandoned building is one of the grandest in Trollskull Alley. 

T2. The Bent Nail A small wooden sign above this carpentry shop’s main door is bare except for a large, bent nail sticking out of it. 

T3. The Magic Bean This small building smells of burnt, nutty earthen tones. Outside an ornately carved sign depicts a dark bean. At night, the bean occasionally lights up with a magical glow.

T4. Manhole (Sewer Access) At the east end of Trollskull Alley is a removable metal grate that covers an opening into the Waterdeep sewer system.

T5. Steam and Steel During daylight hours, smoke and steam billow from the many windows around this indoor forge where metal weapons, armor, and tools are made.

T6. Corellon’s Crown A sign boasting ‘Master Herbalist’ hangs above the door of this stately, three-story town house, the third floor of which has been converted into a greenhouse. Its translucent glass walls allow anyone on the street to see the rainbow of flowers blossoming within.

T7. Odds and Endds Old wood lines this small corner building with a misspelled sign. The door is marked with an engraving, below a low peep hole: “Open on odd days only”.

T8. Frewn’s Brews A keg pierced by three spears hangs above the door to this moderately sized pub.

T9. Book Wyrm’s Treasure The front of this bookstore is adorned with a charming sign of a gold dragon curled around a treasure hoard of books and scrolls.

T10. Tiger’s Eye This private detective’s business is unremarkable on the outside, its only distinguishing mark an orangeand-black sign featuring a cat’s eyes.

T11. Zephyr Post Birds of all colors can be seen delivering letters through the upper windows of this sky-blue townhouse at all hours of the day.