Okay, so I’ve been building tables for gaming for years… and by that mean I’ve been bolting 8×4 pieces of wood to table tops and playing games on them… for years. This spring I was feeling very ‘old manish’, meaning that I went out and bought some real live tools… not just a hand saw, or a power screwdriver, but good proper tools like a table saw, and a plunge router. Stuff I could use to really make something. So, I rolled up my sleeves, drew up some plans (with heavy inspiration from Reddit), and got to work. I got to work so fast that I didn’t take photos of my first day working.

The end result, is The Table

The Table is heavy. The Table is wired for sound, has recessed cup-holders, and has built in accent lighting. It sits 8, or 6 players and a GM with the add-on. Enjoy.