The party bars the door to the chamber and gets a reasonably comfortable, if tense, rest. During the night sounds can be heard from the adjoining chamber… howling wind, and harmonious sounds… almost like pipes, or some other musical instrument. In the morning, the group decides to investigate. Once they enter the darkened chamber, the sound appears to indeed be pipes. Large copper cylinders fill the room, as if someone had disassembled a pipe organ and left it’s pieces lying around. The room is filled with wind passing through holes in the walls. As the wind passes over the tops of the pipes, a musical tone is emitted.

As Harold brings his light into the room two large, strange figures reveal themselves. Two large insect like creatures scuttle about the room, sorting the pipes into piles. They appear to ignore the party… or they seem to at first. As Booth sneaks further into the room, one of them raises two of the pipes, changing the musical tones for a moment, into a harsh, dissonant sound. Booth feels lethargy pass over him for a moment, but he shakes it off. The lizard begins to investigate a dead body lying in a corner, and the other creature raises two pipes of his own… and throws them at the lizard, but It’s a close miss. The battle is joined, and the heroes prevail. Other than the pipes the room is uninteresting. The lizard proclaims the room ‘stupid and useless’, and the party moves on.

Back in the central chamber they find a few other doors leaving the room. They push through chambers filled with Black Puddings, and Minotaur, and eventually come to a long hallway, with a  stone door at the end. They enter into a long room with a reflecting pool in the middle. At the other end of the chamber sits a throne, flanked by two …. Dogs? They have one eye, and their hide seems to be covered in spikes. The room is dark, and it’s hard to tell. They flank the figure on the throne. Robed and hooded, the lower half of his pinkish/purple face is covered in tentacles. A voice resonates in the party’s heads…

“State your purpose”

The moment drags forward, until the lizard finally breaks the silence. “We are here for George!”

A tense argument follows between the lizard (shouting) and the tentacled creature (telepathically).

“We have him now, and with us he will stay,” he finally declares, and raises into the air, eventually floating away, through a mirror mounted to the ceiling. The two one eyed monsters stay. All attempt to communicate with them fail as they slowly make their way towards the exit. Eventually, the lizard moves to stop them from leaving…and they attack! The party quickly defeats them.