SHADOWSEA News – 5 January 2072

SEATTLE, UCAS: Max Duggan, a spokeswoman for Maria Mercurial, said that the band would not be playing a show at Underworld 93 on Friday, despite the rumors to the contrary. “It’s definitely not going to happen,” Mr. Duggan said. “It’s a false rumor.” He said that Ms. Mercurial had nothing to do with the announcement and that a show “was never planned.”

With all the buzz about a possible comeback tour over the last 6 months, a return to the Seattle stage does seem likely. Is Maria Mercurial the ‘special guest’ advertised on this weekends ‘Emerald Cacophony’ show? Representatives say no, but all signs point to YES. Hope you got your tickets, chummers. The show’s been sold out since the rumor started circulating a month ago.