The Pile

Below is the character pile for the 2012 Shadowrun campaign:

CharacterAgeGender RaceRolePlayerKarma Street Cred NotorietyPub Aware
FridayUnknownFemaleElfFaceMike (V)1710 (-1)0
Ganef 30sMaleDwarfFace0100
Jarvis 30sMaleHumanFace010 (-1)0
Abel30sMaleHuman (Changeling)Magic Support7100
Alo TeensFemaleGnomeMagic Support91 (+2) = 310
Burnie TeensMaleOrcMagic Support0100
Sue Shitstorm20sFemaleHumanMagic SupportAdrian (V)444 (+1) = 511
Troublemaker 20sMaleHumanMagic SupportVincent443 (+5) = 82 (+3) = 54 (+1) =5
Azuma 20sMaleHumanFire SupportAdrian525 (+5) = 1034
Bulldog30sMaleHumanFire Support0100
Fletcher 20sMaleHumanFire Support81 (+1) = 200
Legion 20sFemaleElfFire Support0100
Little Hawk 20sMaleHumanFire SupportMike282 (+4) = 612
Nosebleed 20sFemaleOrcFire Support 0100
Kayto UnknownFemaleElfClose CombatVincent (V)35100
Stern 20sMaleTrollClose Combat0110
Traceur20sMaleHumanPoint Man0100
Capt. Britain20sMaleOrcHacker010 (-1)0
Slipstitch 30sMaleElfHackerJeremy231 (+3) = 522
High Side20sMaleHumanPilot/RiggerTodd252 (+2) = 401
Blackout30sFemaleNight OneSniper
Ringo20sMaleHumanClose Combat

The table above contains the following columns:

Character: The Character’s name. Clicking the link will bring up the character cover page in a new window.
Age: The character’s assumed/known age
Gender: The character’s gender
Race: The character’s assumed/known metatype
Role: The character’s primary role in a group
Player: The player who is currently playing this character. In the case of a character who is ‘locked in’, even though the player is currently using someone else, it will be specified with a (v)
Karma: The total amount of Karma that the character has amassed during play.
Cred: The character’s Street Cred
Note: The character’s Noteriety
Aware: The character’s Public Awareness