It’s a rainy evening in Seattle, just like so many others before it. The atmosphere in the city is heavy, like the entire town’s take a deep breath and simply… paused. The gangs have been absent from the street for the past few nights, and Knight Errant hasn’t taken a step into Redmond proper to crack skulls in weeks. There just hasn’t been a reason to. Work has been scarce, and the kind of ‘odd jobs’ that you specialize in aren’t too plentiful to begin with. The corporate audit of the past few years caused a flurry of activity in the Seattle shadows, but in recent months the flood has turned to drought. The flow of regular ‘Biz’ has dried up to a trickle.

Some folks are saying it’s the end of an era, but it feels more like a calm before the eventual storm. Or, maybe the pregnant pause found inside the eye of a hurricane. As long as there’s a Corporate Court… as long as there are political boundaries… as long as Dragons rule cities, police are motivated by the mighty nuyen, and the SIN & SINless have needs, desires, and wants there will be biz to be done.

Some run the shadows reluctantly. Others out of necessity. Some crazy slitches are drawn to it like a moth to flame. Sometimes you wonder which side of that fence you fall on. Regardless, when the fixer called and asked if you’re available for some ‘special’ work, you knew what that meant. With that question still on your mind, you told him to forward the call when it came in.