Age: 17 Gender ID: Male
Weight: 78kg Height: 1.75m
Eyes: Blue Hair: Pale
Metatype: Human Awakened? Yes
Primary Role: Magical Support
Secondary Role: Fire Support


>> Good customer. Started showing up on the regular a few months back. Assume he’s running from something, but aren’t we all?

>> Rocks

>>  Brings a lot to the table, as far as combat ability goes, both offensively and defensively. He’s a seasoned combat veteran… he ran with the Blades (one of the craziest gangs in the Puyallup) before they imploded.

>> Stubbin

>>Just another barrens rat with a chip on his shoulder, IMO.

>> Cooper

Personal Commentary:

Um, Fuck yeah I can handle it, asswipe. Just because I didn’t go to MIT&M doesn’t mean I don’t know my shit. Just ’cause I’m from the streets you gonna question me? Don’t see you standing up and volunteering.

Roleplaying Note:

Scatter has a history of insubordination, not because of outright disobedience, but more because he has a problem with ‘authority’… especially unwarranted authority. He places a high value on respect in ones abilities, not in one’s position of the totem pole. If you display the capability to make sound decisions and follow through with them, he’ll follow you to the ends of the earth; but if your one of those folks who just drops a few names and expects others to do your dirty work, expect trouble.