T-??? – The Inn

P-??? – The Party’s ‘Baseline’ Prime World

After returning to the Inn, the group gets together to plot their next move. Eli is angry about being excluded from their shopping trip, and decides to speak with Rary (since he was ill the previous day). During his discussion, he finds out that not only does Rary know what world he’s from… but he can get him home! Eli quickly rounds up the party and explains the situation to them. After some arguing (Mark is convinced that the world isn’t safe), Eli convinces them to go. They all hold hands in a circle, Rary casts a spell, and they are instantly transported to… Detroit, Michigan.

The group surveys the situation, and starts walking towards Eli’s old neighborhood. They quickly realize that months of trans-dimensional travel has desensitized them to a few things: polite society, their own appearance, and the fact that walking through a suburban neighborhood with assault weaponry over your shoulder is a bad idea. The police show up, and interrogate them, but they quickly recognize Mark. Believing that his disappearance may have to do with this strange ‘cult’ that he’s wandering around with, they put him in a car and try to restrain the rest of the group. Of course, a fight ensues.

The police quickly drive Mark away ‘for his own safety’, and engage the party. The fact that the group has been fighting for their lives for several months, and the police are confused makes it a no-contest. Several dead, injured, or unconcious police officers and two blown up cars later, they come up for air to notice that Mark is gone. They run off in pursuit. 

Meanwhile, Mark’s taken into custody by the Facility, and brought to a local airstrip. He eludes them, and heads out to meet the party at the ‘departures’ gate. The party arrives, in a pickup truck, just as reinforcements show up… lead by Barry Henderson?!