Date: October 31, 2074
Location: Berlin
Fixed By: Evan Perry
Mrs. Johnson: Cat O’ Nine Tails.
Team: Gaagé, Shard, Chalks, Peat
Overview: The team escorts Perianwyr to one of his safehouses in Berlin to recuperate.

Taken from Gaagé’s personal journal, an idea log for writing music to appeal to Shadowrunners and club kids alike:

The dragon-man asked us to escort him to Berlin, probably because, as the mage noted, he was seriously beat up and his aura was somehow flagging.

The flight was uneventful, but just making sure the right people were picking us up at the airport proved a bit tense. It turns out none of us speak German and none of them spoke English.

I had already found the limo’s wet bar when we cam up to a roadblock. Again, not speaking German (and vice versa with English) proved a problem. We didn’t want to open the window to chat so the troll lady stepped out to talk. Apparently a dozen Germans pointing pistols at a troll is all it takes for her to start swinging, and so she did. And they thank her by flattening ammo against her armor.

I squeezed out and made a beeline for the rig blocking the road, ran up the wall, over the top, and startled the hell out of two guys with SMGs. In the background I heard a grenade go off and some more shouting, and maybe even the unsettling sound of an axe making contact, while I took my whip to one of the guys in front of me.

As I stared down the other guy with the SMG, I heard the now-familiar sound of a blast of lightning and more screams. That might have been enough to make the guy in front of me run, freeing me up to move the rig out of the way.

We finished the drive to Perianwyr’s hideout, a beat up club called “Johan’s Place,” and shuffled in and then down into a sub-basement consisting of an old WWII bunker.It was full of some of the weirdest stuff I’ve seen, like someone bought everything on the rich-folk-only Home Shopping Node. I think he had every wax figure of every rock star ever.

On our second watch, his security system alerted us to intruders and we saw on the cameras that his staff was tied up by about 5 orcs, a human, and a dwarf on door duty (there was another orc outside, we found out later).

Relying on the troll’s keen sense of stealth, she barreled up through the trap door and charges an orc on the stage as I drop the human next to him with a blast from my new (used) ARES Alpha. The mage pelts two of the orcs guarding the humans with magic, and then they finally have time to return fire. On the bright side, none of us got hit — except the troll who discovered they were firing stick-and-shock rounds.

With more gunfire from me and the rigger, the troll’s axe, and then the mage’s flamethrower (no, really, it was unsettling), we cleared the room. I took a moment to sprint outside and discovered the remaining orc, who I fell quickly.

And then we have to mop up the mess. It’s a nightclub, after all, so it’s got to be presentable. Of course, we cut out after a couple swabs with the mop.

We thought we were in the clear until two Range Rovers pulled up on us during the drive back to the airport. One tried to T-bone us, but the rigger managed to cut the wheel and keep us from getting clobbered.

I opened the moon roof before I realized the rovers had machine guns mounted, but the troll starts swinging her axe out the window, chopping into the tire of one of them as the rigger side-swipes it to give us some room, so I stick the Alpha through the roof and fire a grenade, without a clue if I am pointed in the right direction. It drives right into a fruit cart. Well, it wasn’t a fruit cart, but a bum’s shopping cart full of bright crap still looks as cool when it gets creamed.

The troll decided she would pull a grenade out, except she pulled the pin and just started counting. At the same time the mage dropped a lightning ball in the other rover and then some other spell, making me comfortable enough to risk exposing myself through the moon roof and empty my Alpha into the windscreen, trying to hit the driver. I managed to leave a big enough hole that I shouted for the troll, and holy crap she somehow managed to get that damn grenade right through the gap and into the front seat. I saw their eyes go wide and then just a chunky red blast that blew out the windows and flung the doors open. Turns out she tossed a flechette grenade.

Much to all our surprise, the rest of the ride went smoothly and we made it back to the airport and took off for Chicago.

10,000¥ per runner
8 Karma for completing the run.
+1 Street Cred
Evan Perry as a contact, Loyalty 1 (or, Loyalty +1, if already a contact)