Date: February, 2072
Location: Seattle, UCAS
Mr. Johnson: Macalister
Team: Alo, Azuma, Little Hawk, Slipstitch, Troublemaker
Overview: Macallister hires the runners to track down the the resurfaced Mayan Cutter, a serial killer targeting orcs.
*Letter placed on grave of Anita “Saucy” Gonzalez 2054-2063*


Hey little sis, I know it’s been a while. I moved to Seattle after my last stint in the big house. Police work don’t suit me anymore, so I been running the shadows doing odd jobs.

Got a call the other day from my fixer who needed some help. A few months ago, his daughter was murdered by a serial killer called the Mayan Cutter and now a copy-cat has been on the loose. A friend of the fixer was killed by the copy-cat and he wanted answers.

He offered me and my crew 8k apiece to bring the killer in dead, 10k if we got him alive. I woulda done it for free. I’m sorry I wasn’t there that day. I should have been there. I could have stopped them.

The police were of little help. They extorted some money from us and gave us no reasonable leads. We checked her apartment and found some blood belonging to the killer. I have a good crew right now, and me and our other mage traced the copy-cat down with his blood sample.

Before we could get on the road, we were jumped by a dozen anti-meta race hating gang members. After what they did to you and ma, well, I killed them all. Our sniper got knocked out. So did the mage. Our hand-to-hand expert was about to get torn to pieces. So I melted all of those racist bastards brains. Nearly killed me, too. You always were better at the spell slinging than I am.

We tracked down our mark at an abandoned car dealership turned fortress. Looked like Alamos 20k. We went in in waves. Taking out nazi after nazi, until only the copy-cat was left. He was def ex-military. They wanted him alive, but his prowess with an assault rifle was a good enough excuse to kill him dead right there, so Little Hawk (our sniper) filled him with lead while I exploded his brainpan.

I think I’m making some friends in the Orc Underground, but haven’t told anyone about you and ma yet. My crew probably thinks I’m a bit crazy. Maybe I am.

Miss you,

3 Karma for completing the run.
1 Bonus Karma for Little Hawk
+1 Reputation with O.R.C.
+1 Street Cred

+2 Bonus Karma to Troublemaker for run write-up.