This list contains Contacts and Factions for the current SR4 campaign.


Connection Rating: 
Uses: Getting Jobs, Buying & Fencing Tech, Street Rumors

Alexander is a tech gear fixer and fence that works the metro Seattle area. Through (what must be some pretty impressive) means, Alex is able to get his hands on quite a bit of near-mil-spec hardware… usually security devices and vehicle parts… and always in an impressive amount of time. The price, however, is rarely negotiable. Alexander also works on a strict schedule, maintained by his personal assistant Persephone.


Personnel Fixer, Mr. Johnson
Connection Rating: 3
Uses:  Getting Jobs, Shadow Rumors

Aggie Smith has been around the block when it comes to Shadowruns… from both sides of the bargaining table. Rumor has it that he had a fairly successful career as a Face that allowed him to get out of the biz early. Since then, he’s been arranging runs for anyone that can afford him.


Will “Tusker” Anderson
Connection Rating: 
Uses:  Buying & Fencing Gear, Merc/Military Info

Tusker is a gear and hardware fixer and fence headquartered in “The Mall” – the central ‘hub’ of the orc underground. He inherited his business from his father, Two Tusk a few years back. He deals almost exclusively in last years hot gear, the newest weapons to hit the streets, and the latest in corporate ‘cast-offs’.


Faction: Horizon
Connection Rating: 2
Uses:  Media Rumors, Security Information, Horizon Insider

Bash is a bodyguard working the mid to high grossing sim-circuit. He’s guarded everyone from low-budget skin flick stars, to Maria Mercurial herself. If anyone has the dirt on what’s going on in the sim industry, it’s Bash.


Will “Wilt” Chamberlain
Club Bouncer
Connection Rating: 2
Uses:  Street Information, Corp Rumors, Street Rumors, Additional Contacts

A human bouncer who works a few clubs downtown on a rotating schedule. Works some nights at Matchsticks, the Rubber Suit, and Dante’s Inferno. Rumor has it that at one time he was an alternate for the Seattle Screamers.


Lin Yao Chang
Elven Assassin
Connection Rating: 4
Uses: Magical Rumors, Magical Information, Street Rumors

Lin Yao is a known operative for the Eastern Great Dragon Lung. Very little is known about the background of this Chinese elf. He’s very reserved and quiet, never smiles, and speaks in short, brief, efficient sentences. He has an unearthly fluidic grace to his movements, and rumor has it that he may serve as an assassin for the dragon.


Fiona Craig
Mystic Adept Arcaoarcheologist
Connection Rating: 2
Uses: Magical Theory, Magical Rumors

Fiona is a recent addition to the teaching staff at U-Dub. She has worked with some talismongers before, and rumor has it she’s been working to collect even bigger magical stuff. Artifact-level goods. A really vague rumor places her dad at the Draco Foundation. For the most part, she’s been selling to the highest bidder, however.


Connection Rating: 2
Uses: Street Information, Fencing Goods, Transportation 

DangerMouse has been running guns and tech out of Fox Island for at least a few years now. His Amerind heritage and NAN loyalties make him a bit leery about heading into Seattle proper, but if it’s on or near the Sound, he’s probably been there.


Illeanna “Foxy” Fox
Connection Rating: 4
Uses:  Security System Information, Corporate Rumors, Buying & Fencing Tech

Foxy is a high-tech electronics fixer based in Seattle, who specializes in top-of-the-line, high tech merchandise. She deals with clients in a far more personal way than most fixers prefer to. Bottom line is that if you treat her right, she’ll give you access to the wiz toys most people can only dream about… for a price.


Francis Walks-In-Shadow
Company Man
Faction: Mitsuhama
Connection Rating: 2
Uses: Corp Information, Security Information,  Mitsuhama Insider 

Francis Walks-In-Shadow is an asset retrieval  specialist for Mitsuhama, Seattle.


Lt. Brian Grant
Knight Errant Officer
Connection Rating:  3
Uses: Underworld Information, Gear

Brian Grant is an officer with Knight Errant… Specifically he runs their equipment ‘cage’. He manages all incoming and outgoing equipment purchases, requisitions, and evidence.


Richard Hollis
Street Doc
Connection Rating: 2
Uses:  Medical care, Street Information, Gear (drugs)

“Doc” Hollis runs a small clinic just outside of downtown ‘center’. The clinic does primarily patch jobs, emergency resuscitations, and minor cyber-surgery. He is one of a very few street docs in town to keep a competent magical healer on staff.


Andrew Lloyd
Corporate Manager
Faction: Ares
Connection Rating: 2
Uses: Ares Insider, Corporate Information

Andrew Lloyd is a mid-level corporate manager for Ares Macrotech. He specializes in Marketing, PR, and corporate identity. He is a common face at corp functions and the social scene.


Fixer/Mr. Johnson
Faction: Orc Underground
Connection Rating: 5
Uses: Getting Jobs, Buying & Fencing Gear, Street Rumors

MacCallister is a former shadowrunner, an older ork and a “decker not a hacker, fraggit” in his own words. He ran the shadows for over a decade before retiring, and recently returned to Seattle to start a new career as a fixer, still carries his beat up ancient cyberdeck (With a modern bleeding edge commlink mounted inside the case). He’s confident and good natured. He has a ton of contacts in the shadow community and uses them to great effect.


Joe Martin
NewsNet Reporter
Faction: NewsNet
Connection Rating:3
Uses:  Rumors and Information

Joe Martin is the trid news anchor that every other anchor wishes they could look like. Blond hair, deep blue eyes, bodyscultpted and tanned to perfection, with a charismatic smile that just wins you over. He oozes charm and charisma in a way that almost makes you feel dirty, but you still can’t help but want to like and trust the guy. Despite his looks, though, he’s not just a desk jockey. He’s relentless in his pursuit of the next big story for NewsNet Seattle, and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty or put himself in the line of fire to get it.


Faction: Draco Foundation
Connection Rating:4
Uses:  Jobs, Draco Foundation Insider, Information, Buying & Fencing Gear

A former company man and shadowrunner, Moraeu is an expert animal trainer and works as a fixer and trouble-shooter for the Draco Foundation. He’s been operating out of Seattle for several years, and while he’s the DF’s eyes and ears in the shadows, keeping an eye on the artifact trade coming in and out of the city, he still does some personal side business from time to time.


 Timothy Murray
Corporate Security Specialist
Connection Rating: 2
Uses:  Access Passes, Building schematics, Horizon Insider

Tim Murray is a sometimes hacker/sometimes spider working for Horizon in downtown Seattle. He doesn’t see shadowrunners as the enemy, but more as a necessary part of the Megacorporate world. He’s even been known to hire the occasional ‘freelancer’ when his budget permits.


Laurent Nazaire
President of Atlantean Foundation, Seattle
Connection Rating: 5
Uses: Jobs, Corporate or Magical Information, Magical Gear

Laurent Nazaire is the head of the Seattle Atlantean Foundation branch. A Haitian dwarf with a French-Quebecois accent, he’s open, down-to-earth, and seemingly very honest.  He’s been a key figure in the Atlantean Foundation’s hunt for ancient magical artifacts, and he is almost obsessed in his quest to study these artifacts and discover everything about them.


Orc Underground Street Urchin
Connection Rating: 1
Rumors, Information, Tour Guide

Pip’s parents were chipheads who weren’t able to deal with being poor and forgotten in the Underground. One day they jacked in, and never jacked back out, leaving Pip on his own. Despite his tender age of only 9, he’s seen some of the worst metahumanity has to offer, and it hasn’t crushed his spirits yet. He’s got the enthusiasm of youth, and he’s well-liked by many of the Underground’s residents and is a common sight on the Tourist Highway where he offers his services up as a tour guide.


Dana Oaks
Assistant District Attorney
Faction: Seattle Government
Connection Rating: 4
Jobs, Information, Law-related favors

Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks had a good home life, loving parents, went to good schools, and graduated from Yale Law School. She is one of the youngest District Attorneys in Seattle’s history and is relentless and single-minded in her pursuit of justice. She has recently begun working with Knight Errant’s Special Crimes unit, targeting organized crime, specifically smuggling, drug, and gun rings. She’s been very vocal in her frustration with the Ork Underground and the fact that it’s a major pipeline into the city for criminal elements and has urged city officials to do everything they can to shut down the Underground to “plug a serious threat to Seattle’s public safety.”


Doctor Henry Pym
Street Doc
Connection Rating: 2
Medical care, Street Information, Gear (drugs)

Doctor Pym runs a small clinic just outside of downtown ‘center’. The clinic does primarily patch jobs, emergency resuscitations, and minor cyber-surgery. He apparently was fired from ‘legitimate’ service due to some sort of addiction, and works out of temporary facilities, acquired as needed.


Street Mage
Connection Rating: 
Uses: Magical Information, Additional Contacts

Python has been running the Shadows of Portland for at least 10 years. These days she doesn’t do as many jobs as she used to, but she still keeps her skills sharp teaching up and comers the ins and outs of the Portland shadows.


St. John “The Saint”
Connection Rating: 
Uses: Jobs, Street Information, Shadow Rumors

Saint John is has been fixing the Seattle shadows for almost 20 years; and he’s been surprisingly successful; his clipped British accent and impeccable manners coupled with his charisma and negotiating skills have enabled him to make his deals quite profitable.


Jose Sanchez
Connection Rating: 
Uses: Jobs, Street Information, Media Information, Boat Rental

Jose Sanchez is the only son the now deceased Juan ‘Dirty’ Sanchez. Jose had a moderately successful career as a small time decker, and ‘big time’ club manager until his father’s untimely death in the fall of 2061. Now, he still keeps tabs on the goings-on in the shadow community, and occasionally sells that information.


Athena Tatopoulous
KSAF Chief Editor
Faction: KSAF
Connection Rating: 4
Uses:  Rumors and Information

Athena joined famed news network KSAF shortly after it’s offices were bombed in ’67 as Chief Editor. Then she promptly went into hiding, and hasn’t been seen in the flesh since. Much like KSAF’s new business model, she operates entirely out of the Matrix, a ghost in the machine. She has an extensive network of informants and reporters, and she’s relentless in her pursuit of corruption, especially in politics or the corporate boardroom.


Jim “Rat” Vanion
Connection Rating: 3
Uses:  Buying & Fencing Gear, Shadow Information

Jim Vanion is a former Ravager gang member. He is a heavyset human male, of somewhere between 35-50 in age. He runs ‘Vanion’s Pawn’, in Columbia (a district of Downtown Seattle). “Rat” is known to keep tabs on the shadow community. Jim is a good source of rumors in the shadows, some organized crime info, small arms, and a place to fence non-sensitive material.


Johnny Wang
Connection Rating: 3
Uses: Jobs,  Buying & Fencing Weapons/Armor, Ares Insider

Johnny Wang is an oleaginous, untrustworthy weasel. On the up side, he makes no bones about this fact, and doesn’t pretend to be something that he’s not. He operates out of a heavily-armored and incredibly well-stocked basement vault beneath a Chineese takeout in downtown Seattle. If it’s fallen off of a truck somewhere, or somewhen, Johnny can get it for you (he’s never been able to explain how a citymaster can fall off the back of a truck, however).


Kate “D-C” Wells
Connection Rating:
Uses: Vehicle repairs & modifications, Smuggler Information

Kate Wells (also known as “Double-Clutch”) is a former shadowrunner based out of Redmond. Yes, folks, DC is still alive and well in Redmond. She has a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy about her former occupation as a wheel-woman and rigger. Kate runs ‘Wells’ Garage’ in Redmond. D-C is quite famous in rigger and go-gang circles.


David Woo
Yakuza Soldier
Faction: Seattle Yakuza
Connection Rating: 2
Uses:  Underworld Rumors, Street Rumors

David Woo is a footsoldier for the up and coming Kanaga-gumi Yakuza association. He primarily runs numbers and protection rackets in the Redmond area.


Louis Verrcetti
Mafia Soldier
Faction: Finnigan Family
Connection Rating: 3
: Underworld Rumors, Street Rumors

Louie V. is a mid-rank mafia enforcer working with the Finnigan family. Louis has a long standing reputation as a ‘stand up guy’, usually doing what’s fair when it doesn’t compromise the Finnigan’s interests.


Darren Wilcox
Corporate Wage Mage
Faction: NeoNet
Connection Rating:
:  Magic-related information, NeoNet Insider

Darren Wilcox is a former Street Shaman done good, at least in his eyes. After a year or two running with the Greenlights (a small downtown Wiz-Kid gang), he was recruited into Universal Omitech before it’s rise to Megacorp status. He’s currently a director of NeoNet Seattle’s corporate security division.


Elise Speak with Winds
Connection Rating: 1
Uses: Magical items, Magic-related information

Speak With Winds is a rare sight, a tribal born Hermetic Mage who’s embraced technology. She runs “Chronos”, a hermetic lore shop located not too far from the Aztech Pyramid in downtown Seattle.


Mike Z.
Bartender (Matchsticks)
Connection Rating: 
Uses: Shadow Information, Corporate Information, Underworld Information

Mike Z. bartends Matchsticks Jazz club most weekends. He’s been there for years, knows all of the regulars, and has a good idea of what goes on in the shadowy corners. Not too close of a friend, but he’ll always drop some hints when he’s got something good to tell. Just make sure that the tip is in the triple digits. A good source of information for Shadow Community information.



Atlantean Foundation: -2
This faction has long believed in a grandiose magical “Fourth Age,” and the recent influx of magical artifacts being discovered lends their claims much credence. They are scrambling to be the first to gather these artifacts and unlock their secrets.

Draco Foundation: +2
Founded after former president Dunklezahn’s death, the Draco Foundation has been searching out any number of strange things for research. Rumor has it that even 15 years after his death, Dunklezahn is still guiding them from beyond the grave. No one knows their true motives, but they will do whatever they can to get their hands on these strange artifacts and discover what they can do.

KsaF: 0
KSAF built a reputation on reporting the news sometimes before anyone knew it was news. Those days are past, but with the brewing fi ght between the city and the Ork Underground, KSAF sees a chance to get the scoop and reclaim their glory days, burying NewsNet in the process.

Newsnet: 0 
Horizon’s flagship news outlet in Seattle, NewsNet has long struggled to maintain its status as Seattle’s top reporting agency against its primary rival, KSAF.

Ork Rights Committee: +4
This faction is pushing to see the Ork Underground become a full-fledged, legitimate district of Seattle, by any means necessary.

Seattle Government: -1
The city of Seattle is hurting for money, and sees the Underground as a huge expense that they can’t afford, with little to no gain from its largely SINless a population, and worries that making it a district would give legitimacy to the gangs, crime rings, and smugglers that use the Underground as a base of operations.