Organizations and Groups

A list of world-spanning groups encountered by the gate hoppers.

The Facility (PL8)
The Facility is the name given to a loose coalition of businesses and agencies scattered across a number of tangents with the shared goals of control over cross-tangent travel, and ‘saving’ the paraverse. When cross-tangent travel is created in a particular tangent, Facility agents seek to move in and monopolize it: either by stealing it or destroying it. They then establish a local proxy, typically a corporation, which will act in their interest locally. The local branch gains access to paratunnelers (Facility Tablets) and transponders, but not the ability to create them. They then engage in whatever business is most profitable to them. In some worlds, this is done publicly, in others the proxy acts in secret. Many also maintain their own agents and branches in neighboring tangents.
The Facility has manly come to light with the characters due to a prophesy, belief, or some sort of ‘proof’ that the team will bring about the end of all existence. This has yet to be proven.
Her Majesty’s Royal Service (PL5)
The Royal Service spans the worlds A-278 and P-522 via a stable portal outside of Billings, Montana. They are led by Duke Ford, who is also a world-jumper. Their technology level is roughly Victorian, with some near futuristic tech (via strange steam-punkish mechanisms). They trade between their headquarters in Amesbury and the rest of the British Empire, mostly for artifacts and livestock taken from A-278 (Dinosaur Earth).
The Host of Heaven (PL8)
The Heavenly Host is a multi-tangent spanning organization that seeks to combat the Legio Infernus. They make their headquarters on T-102, and they are aware of some other primes (that all seem to fit their ‘cosmology’). The host is made up of clones… artificially incubated super-soldiers with enhanced strength, size, and resilience.
Imperium Legio Infernus (Varies)
The Empire of the Infernal Legion are a multi-world spanning army, in many cases similar to the Roman Empire, that dominates a massive number of tangents, and tangent clusters. Their goal is to increase the power of the Emperor (Lucifer Caesar), the Empire and the Cultum Diabolus. Many non-linked or non-traveling tangents have offshoots of the Legion started by stray agents. Their goal is to once again master cross-tangent travel and ‘rejoin’ the legion.