Equipment, Tech and Treasures

A list of notable equipment found during the players various hops between dimensions. 


Facility Assault Rifle (PL5): The assault rifle found by Eli is a very advanced weapon, combining a 5.56mm assault rile with a 20mm grenade launcher. The grenade launcher features both detonate on impact, and air-burst mode. It includes an advanced, holographic combat scope with built in targeting computer.

Damage Critical Type Range Inc ROF Magazine Size Weight PL
2d8 20 Ballistic 60 feet S 30 box Large 18lbs 6

Facility Stun Wand (PL5): The stun wand in an extendable baton that employs a short range electrical charge to cause sudden in a target. The wielder makes a melee touch attack to trigger the effect. Targets who fail a DC 15 Fortitude save are dazed for one round, then shaken for 1d4+1 rounds.

God Wars ‘Demon’ Weaponry: These weapons, taken from fallen aliens on the space station Arcadia, use specialized power packs to super-heat and compress gasses into plasma that can eat through materials and cause severe damage. These weapons are slightly too big and unwieldy for your ‘standard’ sized human, and impose a -2 to hit when firing.

Weapon Damage Critical Type Range Inc ROF Magazine Size Weight PL
Demon Pistol 3d8 20 Fire 40 feet S 8 clip Medium 5lbs 7
Demon Rifle 3d10 20 Fire 80 feet S 20 box Large 12lbs 7

‘Sting’: Sting is a+2 Mithral short sword. The flat of the blade is engraved with Elvish runes. It glows blue when an Orc or Goblin is within 100 feet of it.  It also causes and Evil-Aligned creature of 2 hd or less to become Shaken while in its presence. Any spider seeing the weapon must make a DC 10 will save or be Panicked for 1d6 rounds. The shaken effect is doubled against spiders. 

Vibro-Sword: The Vibro-Sword utilizes high-speed sonic vibrations to make the weapons more deadly. A vibrogenerator found in the hilt sends out high-frequency sonic pulses that cause the blade to be sent into an extremely quick vibration. This makes the weapons exceptionally effective against organic tissue.

Damage Critical Type Range Inc Size Weight PL
2d8 18-20 Slashing Medium 6lbs 6

Equipment and Tech:

Dave’s Potions: The potions given to the party by Dave function as Potions of Cure Moderate wounds. They cure 2d8+3 points of damage.

Facility Goggles:
The facility googles provide a personal heads up display for any linked technology that projects an overlay in the user’s field of vision, as well as a radio communications and data link to allow another person to see what the wearer sees. They also incorporate low-light and thermographic sensors.

Hotblack’s Ring: Ring of Feather Fall.

IR Beacon:
The IR beacon sheds light like a torch in the visible spectrum (20?), but to those with low-light vision, it sheds light out to 60?, reducing all visibility modifiers.

The hackcard is a disposable, multi-use item designed to allow those who are not computer savvy to bypass technological and computer barriers or perform computer related tasks. It is about the size of a credit card. This specific hackcard is programmed to bypass security and open doors. It has 4 charges remaining.

Morphic Disguise Band:
These headbands project a pre-programmed illusion over the wearer, similar to a silent image spell. each disguise band is programmed to a specific appearance. The illusion is visual, only.

‘The One Ring’: Cursed ring of Ethereal Jaunt.  

The Spray Screen allows almost any surface to be used as a computer display. The spray ‘paint’ grafts color changing pixils common to display devices onto almost any surface. Any surface, or device, painted with the SprayScreen can be used as a display for any piece of computer or communications equipment. Additionally, Tech Lvl 6+ weapons and armor may make use of the tech to display data, as well.

Trans-Dimensional Tablet (PL5 Quantum Tunneler): This strange ‘tablet’ like device is voice activated, and has many functions. Without some sort of unknown network connection, it’s capabilities seem to be limited. Currently, the party has figured out how to use it as a sort of dimensional GPS/mapping tool, and ‘portal’ detection tool and opener.