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>> Eight men and women were found dead this evening on the side of the road in Redmond. The grizzly scene was discovered by a local man returning to his home in Glow City after a long shift in Touristville. Among the dead is METAEmpathy CEO and noted philanthropist Bella Valentino, her personal bodyguards, and an unidentified human woman. Valentino rose to prominence at a young age, first as a model and spokesperson, then as a well known face at charity events around the Seattle area. She’s best known, perhaps, for winning the 2075 Metro Humanitarian award for her work with underprivileged, SINless youth throughout the Metroplex’s poorer neighborhoods.

>> Valentino, in the news for the second time today, as just hours ago allegations of violations of labor laws, forced imprisonment, and child endangerment came to light via a whistleblower from METAEmpathy itself. The charity has been accused of running a series of sweat shops in their many Redmond ‘outreach centers’. This, and several compromising photographs of Mrs. Valentino with what are assumed to be underage metahumans all points to a dark web of conflicts for the former ‘Miss Seattle’.

>> METAEmpathy has not responded to our repeated requests for comment.

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