City in the shadows, the crazy, mixed-up, fucked-up place that has been and continues to be one of the great havens for shadowrunners and edge societies in the world. It’s fitting that Seattle calls itself the Emerald City. Like its namesake, Seattle is a fantastic metropolis built on illusion and consensual lies. Seattle is a corporate city. Corporate affiliation is at an all-time high, and yet the wageslaves are constantly torn. While the sprawl is home to massive arcologies. skyrakers, complexes, and compounds, the city isn’t an enclave. Each of the AAA’s are represented here, but none of them are headquartered in our city. We’ve become the chessboard of a long standing proxy battle between the top 10 and all of their potential challengers.

Seattle is the molten core of the Sixth World. If you want it, you can get it. We have political drama, popular media and journalism being made and broken daily, corporate intrigue and backstabbing, smugglers, pirates, gangsters, ghouls, magic, mystery, dragons, and stone-cold killers. There are policlubber and cultists in Ballard, killer execs carving their way through Bellevue, SINners and SINless trying to eke out livings shoulder to shoulder, and last but not least, more biz starts and ends here than in any sprawl on the planet.

Remember, everything has a price in this town. Read that again: Everything has a price. If that’s the only thing you take away from this, if that’s the only thing you learn, then you’ll still be getting something valuable about the world you live in. Every megacorporation has its CEO, governments have their chief executive, gangs have their head man. Each of them figured out what they would have to pay to get to the top of that particular heap, and each one of them ponied up when the time came and paid it. Unless you want to spend your days chained to a wage and making somebody else rich, you’re going to have to pay something.