Age: 18 Gender ID: Male
Weight: 1.79m Height: 89.2kg
Eyes: Brown Hair: Vaies
Metatype: Human Awakened? No
Primary Role: Fire Support
Secondary Role: Infiltration


>> The guys nothing special… former street rat. Typical ganger. Should be dead by now, in my estimation. But, there’s something… I don’t know… lucky about the guy? Pretty average, on the whole, but in a clinch he’ just, kind of, pulls through.

>> Jose Sanchez

>> Jonny Fraggin Fuck-face! Piece of shit turncoat! The Halloweeners remember people who fuck them over, you motherfr…

>> [10mp Deleted by SysAdmin]

>> Former ganger, obvs. Guy can shoot straight, and he’s truly scary when he gets angry.

>> SQrL

Personal Commentary:

‘Not within acceptable parameters’? Here’s some acceptable parameters… fuck you, fuck your two chromed up bodyguards, fuck your corp bullshit, fuck your job, and fucking pay me.