Age: 29 Gender ID: Male
Weight: 54kg Height: 1.2m
Eyes: Gray Hair: Black
Metatype: Dwarf Awakened? No
Primary Role: Infiltration
Secondary Role: Tech Expert

>> Typical jack of all trades type, but he comes by it honest… no Skillwires on him. Swear he must be an adept or something. Guy’s quicker than most meat.

>> Bash

>> PRO-teus. Like ‘Oh, look at me, I’m a fraggin PROfessional’. Sheesh. Uppity little halfer.

>> J-Dub

>> Got the skills to pay the bills, though. He earned that nickname. Guy seems to know a little bit about everything. Used to run under the name TechSupport. TS. PRO-TS. Name just stuck.

>> MacCallister

Personal Commentary:

Nah. Don’t do magic. Don’t do ware, either. Pure, 100% dwarf. Sure, I gotta bust my ass a little more, but I ain’t going to find myself dead in a ditch because of a shitty firmware update… And I don’t gotta ask permission from ‘the big raven spirit’ to geek a fucker.