Age: 27 Gender ID: Male
Weight: 225kg Height: 2.8m
Eyes: Brown Hair: Sandy Blonde
Metatype: Troll Awakened? No
Primary Role: Negotiations / Social Engineering
Secondary Role: Fire Support


>> Guy’s a pro, and he’s got solid street cred. I’d vouch for him any day. Local Undergrounder boy done good.

>> MacCallister

>> Ex-Corp rep. Not a lot of sweet talking Trolls working the shadows these days. Ork Underground born, but LA/Horizon bred.

>> Johnny Wang

>> Trolls shouldn’t talk like him. Ain’t natural, that smart ass voice coming out of a huge body like that. Smells nice, too. It’s weird.

>> Scatter

Personal Commentary:

Mr. J, babe. Can we talk for a minute in private? Look, I know that the rest of my team may be a little rough around the edges, but I assure you we are nothing but professionals when it comes to what we do. What? You look a little startled. OH! Hah, you expected something like ‘Me big troll, pay me good’, Hah… no, that’s a stereotype.