Age: 26 Gender ID: Female
Weight: 1.73m Height: 72.7kg
Eyes: Brown Hair: Vaies
Metatype: Human Awakened? No
Primary Role: Covert Operations
Secondary Role: Infiltration


>> Old school spook, this one, and like all the Nartaki, she’s from India. Got a good spycraft background, and I’m not sure if she was a corp, a spy, or just a damned good thief. .

>> Jose Sanchez

>> Awakened, yes… but barely. Her aura is not strong with mana, but strong with purpose.

>> Symone

>> Four arms? Blue skin? What?! When I met her she was a two-armed blonde. I’m so confused…

>> Jim Vanian

Personal Commentary:

¬†Yes, I understand the parameters, and no it won’t be a problem. While you may find my… differences… distracting, they are easy to hide. In fact, I find it very easy to remain unseen when I wish it.