The party continues to explore the third level of Undermountain, the ‘The Sargauth Level’.

The group pauses to rest and identify some new treasures, before setting out once again.  They head north and find a rotting human corpse stripped of its gear. The party moves back to the site of the last drow battle.  Shining Brow opens the door to find a room filled with spider webs. Veins of gold and silver line the walls. Mantis finds a door that leads to a new hallway.

“The Holding Cells”

The hallway is lined on one side with cells, and opens to a larger room ahead.  One of the cells contains a humanoid. Mantis questions the prisoner, and learns his name is Alabaster Aegeis, an elven cleric.  After a brief discussion, the group agrees to free the elf, as they hear guttural voices. The party is attacked by a pack of grey skinned, thickly muscled bipeds. Shazuu leads the combat around the corner, and Alabaster, without his equipment tries to help without his equipment.  The party cleans up the last of the grimlocks, and finds more cells. 

The prisoners include three drow, a hobgoblin, a human, and a dead creature they identify as a grick. Shazuu begins to question the drow, killing one in the process. Mantis frees a human, but is grabbed by a panicked hobgoblin as he passes a cell.  Mantis then makes the same offer as he did to the human, asking for money for release from the cell. The group allows the human, named Geldax, to join the party.

“Prisoner Supply and Storage”

Past the holding cells, the group find space with several wooden tables.  Next to the table is a chest containing more sacks. Alabaster Aegeis is delighted to find his equipment in one of the bags, but is less happy when Mantis starts rifling through his stuff. As Alabaster re-equips, the group gives Geldax his weapons, and place the remaining sacks in the bag of holding.   They pass through another short hall to a second supply chamber. This contains a plain table, but the walls are covered with tools with a more sinister purpose. The torture instruments are cleaner, and in good shape. Shazuu hears the screams of voices in pain emanating from the next room, and charges through the door.

“Drow Torture Enjoyment Center”

Four drow females lounge in this opulent chamber, enjoying the screams coming from four other doors in the room.  Tang Wu once again charges in as more drow flood in from the other doors. Shazuu gets poisoned, and the fight begins to go poorly.  The drow drop darkness spells on the entire area. Mantis manages to find Shazuu and get rid of the poison. Shazuu’ s tiefling vision can see through magical darkness and begins to lay waste to his hated foe.  As the darkness spells begin to fade, the rest of the party finishes what Tang Wu began. Shazuu advances slightly further to scout, but returns to loot the drow. The group finds quite a few interesting items. (See the party treasure sheet).