Selune waves goodbye, and in the groups minds she ascends a ladder into the heavens and disappears. It happens in a moment… like a dream, and they find ourselves hurtling through the air at breakneck speed towards the deck of the enemy ship!

Later, they would find out that the ship belongs to the Order of the Flame. The very same monks who blotted on the Isle of Black Powder, and erupted the volcano.  On deck are spear-men and unarmed monks. The party land on the deck in a flash, to find that no time has passed. One instant, they were walking into the roof of the tower, the next they were fighting for their lives aboard the Order’s ship. The two groups clash, and the party clears the deck.

After a quick search the Order’s ship, they find a hold filled with cowering sailors and acolytes, eager to surrender. The party checks the Marlin and finds out that George… the infant tarrasque, is missing. The Order has 

taken him! After rounding up stragglers Fralyn and the lizardman interrogate the prisoners, and eventually, a prisoner offers to cooperate, and tells them where they need to go… A place called Talamore Island. A search of the ship find charts and maps, with the location marked. The Marlin re-provisions from the captured vessel. They ferry the prisoners to shore, and scuttle the ship using some of the powder that they were storing below deck. The sailors and monks they abandon to their fate on the Island of the Moon Tower.

Once at the sea, heading to the island, they again speak with the, seemingly cooperative prisoner. Harold casts spells compelling the truth, and the prisoner speaks of an old fish god, and it’s lust for the Tarrasque. Talamore island is home to many pirates, and they seem to be controlled by something… ancient and dark. The Captain charts a course, and Marlin arrives at the Island a week later.

After some recon, it’s decided that an indirect approach is best. At a fair distance, they head around to the back side of the island. The party makes it’s way ashore. A short conflict ensues with the local wildlife, but nothing of consequence. They’re ready to make their way to the fort and find answers.