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For the past eighteen years, Elliot Eyes-of-Wyrm was the head of the Shasta Shamans, the magical lodge that he founded in 2055. Members of the Shasta Shamans remember Eyes-of-Wyrm as a gentle soul who cared deeply for his patron, Hestaby, and who sought to serve her faithfully. Eyes-of-Wyrm was also devoted to environmental causes. He guided the Shasta Shamans to work with the Astral Preservation Society. He wrote several articles for the American Association for the Advancement of Thaumaturgy from a shaman’s perspective, helping to debunk several stereotypes of rural shamans and garner acceptance of shamans into modern society. In his later years, Eyes-of-Wyrm worked closely with Tamara Nimbus of the United Talismongers Association to lobby governments to establish “magical and natural preserves.”

Not very much is known about Elliot Eyes-of-Wyrm’s life before the Shasta Shamans. He had no SIN, nor were there any records of his formal education and training. Elliot–Eyes-of-Wyrm was believed to have been seventy-four years old. He will be buried at an undisclosed location on Mount Shasta that was selected and approved by Hestaby herself.

> So have there been any updates on the investigation into Eyesof- Wyrm’s death? Have any of the alleged assassins been caught and/or ruled out as suspects? And if they’ve been caught, have they spilled any secrets?
> Doctor Spin

> Most still take it as an act of retaliation by the other dragons for Hestaby’s condemning of Sirrug in her UN speech. A lot of folks (of course) immediately blamed Lofwyr for the assassination. Others are blaming his brother, Alamais. There’s a conspiracy that it’s all collusion between Hestaby and Lofwyr, but that barely makes sense (or it’s something only dragons understand). At this point… who knows?
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A mere week after the assassination of the head of the Shasta Shamans, six of Saeder-Krupp’s largest assets in the Middle East have been targeted and destroyed. Explosions occurred in factories and offices belonging to Saeder-Krupp subsidiaries, including Heavy Metal, Fatima Petrochemicals, Iraq Oil, Maser Industrial Electronics, and Krupp Munitions.

Two days ago, in the final attack in this series of assaults, Hestaby herself made an appearance in Dubai. Hestaby was seen and recorded flying over Dubai, attacking the S-K Middle East division headquarters. The attack lasted close to an hour. In that time, the forty-seven-story arcology was reduced to a pile of twisted and melted durasteel, shattered armored glass, and a fifteen-meterdeep crater.

To emphasize the metahumanism that lies at the core of Hestaby’s philosophy, in each of the attacks on Saeder-Krupp, advanced warning was given to allow the facilities to be evacuated. Due to the recent assassination of Elliot Eyes-of-Wyrm, the threats against the Saeder-Krupp properties were taken seriously, and the properties were evacuated just prior to the attacks going off. As such, there were only a handful of casualties in the six attacks made by Hestaby and her forces.