Date: May, 2072
Mr. Johnson: MacAllister
Team: Troublemaker, Little Hawk, Susie $#!+$+خm
Overview: The team is hired to find proof a high-ranking Knight Errant official is on the take.

The following is from a series of SMS messages from Susie $#!+$+خm:

slipstitch ref’d me 2 dudes who needed magic firepower. had 2 meet johnson @ goldmine in orc underground. place blew up with johnson when we got there.

johnson has pig friends. KE spec unit. want us 2 find proof pig pr guy is dirty. good pay so sure. head 2 bellevue mansion. have 2 hop wall.

1 guy cuts self on wall. both crawl 2 house. lam3rs. air spirit carries me there. i wait. they have to get Slipstich on phone 2 crack door. Slip kinda cool.

i hit kitchen. grab wine make pricey nachos. they toss rooms. grab box. i float back out. they crawl again. other guy cuts self on wall. at least i got chicken

hide on a boat. they find proof they want. pig lady calls them for deal they hang up. maybe guys not 2 bad. set up meet with trog pig from earlier.

pigs want us 2 help 4 assault 2 get dirty pig. old car dealer lot. fort now. do astral flyover. looks big. other 2 guys make plan. i borrow scope 4 distance.

i pop 1 guard tower. other guys get another tower. we hop car wall run in2 building with shots flying. guys get pinned by crazed sword guy from far room.

i walk in middle of room. overcast massive blast but mage blocks it. 6 guys empty clips in2 me, mage mana bolts me 3x. armor spell, dancing musta saved me.

wake up. no leg. guess other 2 finished job. getting new 1 grown free from johnson. not bad 4 pig friend. got paid. bring real nachos from stuffr shack.

Rewards: $11,000
10 Karma for completing the run.
+1 Street Cred
+1 Reputation with O.R.C.
-1 Reputation with Seattle Government
MacCalister +1 loyalty/ or as a new contact (Initial Loyalty 1)
A.D.A. Dana Oaks -1 loyalty
Tosh Athack +1 loyalty/ or as a new contact (Initial Loyalty 1)

+2 Bonus Karma to Susie for run write-up.