Date: May, 2072
Location: Seattle, UCAS
Mr. Johnson: Belial
Team: Azuma, Highside, Kayto, Little Hawk
Overview: The team is hired to act as a proxy for a leadership challenge in the elven gang the Ancients.

Taken from a letter by Azuma:


The shower does not fit, neither through the door nor in the space we can hardly call a bathroom. We may hook it up in the garage.

Since you asked, I did find myself in some work that did not require finesse as the previous jobs have. In fact, it was a bit liberating to use such wanton force in the completion of my job.

We were hired by an elf in the Ancients gang in Puyallup to be his proxies in a challenge to the leader of the gang. This challenge was less of a fight or puzzle and more of a violent scavenger hunt. We were given five options from a larger list and we had to get as many of these tasks done as possible within one hour. We outright discarded the one that might put us at odds with the ork community next door to our new home.

The first task we chose was to trash a Humanis Polyclub safe house and bring back some trophies. Highside got us across town in the borrowed jeep in no time and as we approached the building I spotted a sniper. Without hesitation, Little Hawk picked him off just before Highside slide in to a stop right outside the building as Kayto and I leapt from the car.

As Little Hawk kicked in the door, I tossed in a grenade and Little Hawk gunned someone down from back in the jeep. Kayto dove inside and I heard a lot of sword commotion, followed by Little Hawk picking off another one from the car and running in. I moved to the side door to block anyone trying to get away, but when I kicked the door open I saw a generator and a few gallons of diesel fuel. I rolled a grenade in and the ensuing explosion set the building ablaze and knocked out a few walls. It wasn’t ten seconds later and we were back in the jeep to our next stop.

This time we pulled up to a troll bar a bit more cautiously. As Little Hawk starting shooting through the window I dropped a pair of grenades onto the pool table where the trolls were playing. The grenades didn’t seem to do very much to the trolls. Highside got in on the action and started shooting trolls with Little Hawk as Kayto rolled in again with her sword and started cutting them up. I had to use my SMG to finish one, but with our combined firepower we put down all the trolls and headed out, this time after probably fifteen seconds of carnage.

The last chance we had in the time allotted was to hijack a Stuffer Shack truck, or at least steal its cargo. Kayto and I managed to leap onto the truck from the moving jeep, but as we did the proxies from the reigning Ancients leader came out of nowhere and dropped two of their team onto the truck roof. Kayto grappled one and I kicked the other, who immediately shot me — but with a gel round. A key rule of the scavenger hunt was that we weren’t allowed to kill (or maim, I suppose) the other proxies. Unfortunately my next strike nearly killed the other proxy on the roof and I had to move quickly to keep him from falling off. And then I had to use a trauma patch to stabilize him. Kayto just threw the other one off the roof, which seemed simpler.

Highside, meanwhile, did a good job of keeping the other proxy’s vehicle at bay, ultimately with Little Hawk shooting out its tires as it tried to run Highside off the road. Kayto cut through the roof and I managed to get into the truck cab. With no visible controls I just sprayed bullets until the truck ground to a halt and Kayto opened the door from the inside so we could get the cargo.

In the end we won the scavenger hunt for our employer, so we got a decent payment for an hours’ worth of work. And some Tir Na Nog whiskey, which it turns out bears no resemblance to egg nog.

Now that is something we should discuss shipping. I suspect there is money to be made there. We’ll chat more when I see your next shipment.

– Aaron

Rewards: $8,000
6 Karma for completing the run.
+1 Street Cred
Belial as a contact, Initial Loyalty 1

+2 Bonus Karma to Azuma for run write-up.