Date: February, 2072
Location: Seattle, UCAS
Mr. Johnson: Dana Oaks
Team: Alo, Azuma, Slipstitch, Troublemaker
Overview: The team is hired to bring in a wanted man.

Taken from a letter by Azuma:


I hope this letter finds you well. I appreciate hearing of your foray into the pre-fabricated shower shipping business. It never occurred to me all that empty space could be filled with other goods to cut down on shipping costs, though I suspect human organs is probably not the best choice.

My time here in Seattle grows more comfortable. The team I have run with has established a residence that is below the radar and adjacent to an underground city of Orcs and other races. While we acquired it by force it seems we will retain it with nothing more than cash.

We were hired again by the local authorities, Knight-Errant here in Seattle, to track down an Irish mobster who has been making his mark in the area. His mark has resulted in numerous innocent deaths and the police force has turned to the shadows in its desperation to put an end to the threat. Two of their own were lost in an attempt to go undercover. The drug tempo appears to be the currency in this gangland economy, and “Junior” is the name behind this chaos.

We were given a list of dead-ends and a list of leads. There is another list of locations under surveillance, but the police declined to provide that to us. We were also granted temporary bounty hunter licenses. The woman who hired us is clearly disgusted to have to turn to us, but I haven’t decided yet, after only two meetings, if her need for our help is to further her own political career or because she truly believes she is trying to do her job. Either one is dangerous, and I am already on their radar, so this may prove tricky in the future.

While still at the bar after our meet we were contacted by a local news personality, I believe Joe Martin though I have not looked him because I found his demeanor distasteful. He offered us compensation for any information we can provide on Oaks. At about this time Slipstitch took a call, possibly related though I could not tell. It has been my experience so far that shortly after getting work, someone else comes along to offer additional work that is often contrary to the job just accepted.

We worked our first lead, which was a brothel posing as a deli. The girls within had dead eyes, but became animated and adopted personas when you made a selection from a list of archetypes. Troublemaker picked common whore and I chose girlfriend. Neither of us was successful in getting any information, but the apparent slapdash surgery that was evident in a scar down their spines was unsettling.

Our next lead was an old apartment, but it was empty save for an old crazed user. He sold us the badge of one of the slain undercover officers and we moved on from there.

Our third lead was an old brownstone guarded by some local gangers. As I worked my way around back with Alo, seemingly a dirt shaman gnome, she spotted watcher spirits. As she and I quickly discussed ways to distract them, Troublemaker and Slipstitch had already entered the brownstone and asked about Junior. With some cash he was able to establish a couple new leads.

As we approached the first lead, a bar called Murphy’s Law, we discovered the police already there taping off a crime scene. After some review of security footage, bodies, and patrons we established that some Yakuza entered the bar run by the Irish mob, accidentally exposed their weapons, and a firefight ensued. About eight from each side were felled along with about twenty civilians. This also turned out to be a dead end.

We moved on to our second new lead, an upscale martini bar called Gravity Bar. We were made as soon as we entered. I noticed some patrons taking undue interest in us, and Alo headed out, calling back a moment later to let us know security had been increased at the door. In Troublemaker’s characteristic style, he approached a table of mobsters (nee patrons) and was rebuffed when asking for information. It was clear they knew all about us and our deal with Knight-Errant. They jokingly suggested we try the Orc Underground.

To the Orc Underground we went, practically next door to our own home. An orc child who had previously acted as a guide for us was waiting. He took us to see an Italian orc name Johnny Torrani. As soon as we met I knew he was Junior. He prided himself on being a local businessman who helps the community and is not inclined to violence, as evidenced by his pre-diabetic bouncer. He said he would tell us how to find Junior if we helped him with some errands — all community service. I suspected he was setting up his case to play to conflicted morality, but I was still cautious it was a set-up.

We agreed to protect a supply of building materials from brigands, none of which materialized. Instead we were audience to a display of gratitude from the community which, while orchestrated for our benefit, was genuine. We also helped deliver food and medical supplies to an orphanage. Given that he allowed Pip to accompany us, I believe there was never any real danger and this was also a calculated play to show the respect and admiration he has engendered in the community. Finally we were tasked with protecting local street stall vendors from a bang of young thugs. This endeavor resulted in violence and, sadly, the killing of a young orc thug by my hand.

Upon return from the successful completion of our three tasks, Johnny Torrani revealed himself as Junior. He offered to willingly come with us to the police but knowing he had created this elaborate show of how he was helping his own community, he was clearly counting on us to falter in our resolve to complete our contract. He was wrong to assume that in me. As you know, I always completed my task and Torrani’s stage show was not enough to dissuade me from that goal. The rest of my team, however, was not so resolute. It helped that Torrani offered us more money than the police had offered. He also sweetened the deal for those on the team still struggling with the morality by committing to us that we would “kill” Junior in three months.

As evidence that my departure from my role with the Triads was a function of my own moral refinements, I agreed to go along with what the team chose. This was not easy since I knew they were going to let Torrani go. I believe they have fooled themselves and that the blood on Torrani’s hands will be on ours at some point in the future, but for now our deal has made us friends in this community. That alone may be enough to provide cover should Knight Errant choose to clean house before Oaks petitions for her next career advancement.

Before you visit, I want to make certain that the authorities here have lost interest in me. I see no reason for you to be hassled because they have a gripe with me.

– Aaron

5 karma for completing the run.
10,000¥ each payment
+1 Reputation with O.R.C.
-1 Reputation with the City of Seattle
+1 Street Cred
Pip as a contact, Initial Loyalty 1

2 Karma Bonus for Azuma for the run writeup