SHADOWSEA Political Year in review—1 January 2072

SEATTLE, UCAS: It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by since we last said those words. What’s happened in the last year or so in the Emerald city? Well, some would say more of the same:

There was a change in the guard at the Governor’s mansion, as Kenneth Brackhaven snatched the election up with his ‘Safety and Security for Seattle’ campaign. The new governor inherited a deeply divided metroplex with plenty of problems, which Brackhaven and his administration said they were “eager to tackle.”

On the security front, Lone Star suffered some difficulties due to increasing accusations of racial prejudice. Lone Star was already none too popular when street violence in Seattle began to skyrocket and the administration, the citizenry, and the Corporate Council all called for them to restore order. Naturally, the Brackhaven administration threw Lone Star under the bus, laying most of the blame for the debacle at their feet. The governor fired Lone Star Security Services and signed a new contract with Knight Errant, essentially replacing Seattle’s entire police force with one stroke of his pen.

On the economic side, the governor and the Seattle Republican Party favor stimulus in the form of tax breaks and deals to bring business back into Seattle, which will in turn create jobs. The administration’s policies do seem to have stemmed any drop-off in business in the metroplex, and have even brought in new corporate investment. It’s too early to tell if this ‘trickle down’ effect will actually work.